Why These Ballot Arguments are Critical

                Most Mesa residents aren’t aware that the debt ratings and the combined tax/utility burden compare unfavorably to other Valley cities and that the city is running deficits and plan on continuing to do so.

                 The city’s response is six ballot measures that will allow them to continue spending and raise debt. Specifically, they are:

Question 1 – Home Rule, which allows them to continue business as usual

Question 2 – To raise taxes for public safety, even though they could do this without the tax

Questions 3 and 4, allowing them to sell more bonds without committing to specific projects.

Question 5 – To allow them to build a Mesa Plays arena most Mesa residents won’t use

Question 6 – To raise the hotel tax to help pay for Mesa Plays

The arguments posted on this site are the only “against” arguments. You’ll notice they are all signed by essentially the same group of people with the exception of one of the Home Rule arguments by Verl Farnsworth, whom I’ve worked with and trust.  All arguments, for and against, can be a found here. https://www.mesaaz.gov/home/showdocument?id=30114


Besides this “contrarian” stance, what sets us aside from the other arguments is that we were essentially the only true grassroots participants. The published arguments cost us $250 apiece and limited us to 300 words. As a result, virtually all of the “pro” arguments came from PAC’s and corporate interests who would benefit financially from the arguments. A summary can be seen here.


I worked with Gene Dufoe and others to create supplemental arguments to make up for the space and financial limitation on the official ballot arguments. A summary of those arguments can be seen here. After reading those arguments I urge you to look at the arguments from the vested interests, including current and past city officials and ask yourself why they chose to ignore these issues while asking for more money.



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