Who Paid for the Ballot Arguments?

As noted earlier, the only arguments against the city’s ballot measure came from essentially one group of people and one individual that has worked with them.

     The remaining arguments, with the exception of three women who voted for Question 4, came from PACs who stand to gain from the proposals.

     Yes for Mesa Public Safety PAC, in turn was funded primarily by public safety unions, including many from outside of Mesa, and corporate interests. There were few public contributions by non-firefighters.

     Most of the Mesa Plays arguments were paid for by the Mesa Plays PAC, which in turn had in-kind contributions from VisitMesa, whose purpose is to promote tourism.

This was based on the latest flings for the period ending August 11, due by August 20th. The next report is due October 15th for the period ending September 30th. I probably won’t update that here but when they are available, you can find them here. In the mean-time, here are the specifics:

Q1 – Four arguments for

Mayor Giles and his wife

Scott Crawford and Troy Walter for United Mesa Firefighters

Sally Harrison for Mesa Chamber of Commerce

Mark Garcia, Mesa Plays

Q2 – All 24 arguments paid for by Yes for Mesa Public Safety (YMPS)

Dale Crogan, Chairman YMPS

Dale Crogan, Scott Crawford, United Mesa Firefighters

Nate Gafvert, Todd Zoglman. Mesa Police Association

Will Biascoechea. Fraternal Order of Police

Mayor Giles

Vice Mayor David Luna, District 5 Councilman

Mark Freeman, District 1 Councilman

Francisco Heredia, District 3 Councilman

Chris Glover, District 4 Councilman

Kevin Thompson, District 6 Councilman

State Senator Bob Worsley, Representative Rusty Bowers and Representative Michell Udall

Scott Smith, Mayor 2008-2014

Dave Richins, Former District 1 Councilman

Dennis Kavanaugh, Former District 3 Councilman

Scott Somers, Former Councilman

Phil Austin, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Kathleen Winn, Ian Murray LD25 Republican Chairman

Sally Harrison, Mesa Chamber of Commerce

Richard Adams Jr., Citizens Fire Academy Graduate

Kathleen Winn, 2nd Vice Chair, Mesa Republican Women

Dr. Debra Duval, former Superintendent, Mesa Public Schools

Thomas Rhodes, Chris Rhodes, Mesa Citizens Fire Academy Graduates

Deanna Villanueva-Saucedo

Kathleen Winn

Q3 – No Arguments for

Q4 –       15 people on the i.d.e.a Museum Board of Directors

Sheila Byrne, Cynthia Smith, Pamela Rhineholt

Sally Harrison, Mesa Chamber of Commerce, paid for by Mesa Plays

Mayor Giles, paid for by Mesa Plays

Tom Rhodes, Mesa Plays Board Member, paid for by Mesa Plays

Q5-         Steve West, Treasurer, Mesa Plays, paid for by Mesa Plays

Rhonda White, Heat Lacrosse Club, paid for by Mesa Plays

Q6- All paid for by Mesa Plays

Kim Sabow, President/CEO, Arizona Lodging and Tourist Association

Rich Adams, Chairman, Mesa Plays

Todd Cooley, General Manager, Sheraton at Wrigleyville Mesa

Phil Austin, East Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

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