Other Ballot/Financial Discussions

Here are other articles on City of Mesa Finances, including how they relate to the 2018 ballot issues, by Gene Dufoe, long-time watchdog of city financial issues

Heres’ the latest look at Mesa’s debt trend, where it’s been where it’s going and how it compares to other cities.  mesamatters.org/city-of-mesa-debt-trends/

The city has a practice of taking funds from enterprise operations, such as surpluses from utility revenues and transfering them to fund general city operations as well as to an “economic development” fund to fund athletic and cultural facilities.  Here’s a link to how they do that.  mesamatters.org/city-of-mesa-fund-transfers/

The city faces numerous quality of life issues, including public safety, that demand resources and drive the city’s financial issues. mesamatters.org/important-matters-for-voters-at-4-6-18/