No On Question 5

Vote No on Question 5

Mesa citizens are asked to fund a sports facility complex named Mesa Plays in NE Mesa. Proposed costs for this complex include $55,000,000 for athletic fields and $25,000,000 for a field house. The total project burden on Mesa citizens will exceed $125,000,000 and will only serve an isolated community.

Rather than dispersing playing fields throughout the City near residents, the proposed facilities are lumped into the northeast corner of Mesa, more than 20-miles from many Mesa residents. The purpose of this facility is NOT improved recreation for Mesa residents, it is a hypothetical “Economic Development” venture hoping for money from tourism.

Even assuming the revenues come in as projected, the complex still requires $2,000,000 per YEAR in additional secondary property taxes, to pay for the operating costs, construction costs and interest.

Losing money on a facility that most Mesa citizens will not utilize should be a low priority; especially for a city facing debt, deficits, extreme public safety needs, and substantial infrastructure upgrades.

This property will still be available at a future date when money is available.

In 2016 the Citizens of Mesa voted NO to fund a downtown ASU campus, yet the City budgeted to fund $65,000,000 toward this project.

The pattern continues in Questions 2 and 3 on the 2018 ballot where the City is requesting taxes and bonds in the name of PUBLIC SAFETY to replace the funds diverted to this ASU project which cannot pay for itself.

The Downtown ASU effort was not an accident or oversight: These listed trade-offs were discussed during Council meetings and the Council chose to prioritize ASU’s wants above Mesa’s needs.

VOTE NO! MesaPlays…WithYourMoney!

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