No On Question 4

NO on Question 4:

Question 4 is not a thoroughly developed proposal and includes no specific plans or details for the responsible use of the requested $111,000,000.

(Summary: The City of Mesa is requesting a 111-MILLION DOLLAR blank check from taxpayers!!!)

Libraries: A new Southeast Library is proposed to serve Mesa’s developing eastern communities. This library is tentatively located adjacent to Queen Creek High School. QCUSD #95 has not finalized build-out plans and thus, this request is premature and non-specific, although possibly noble.

Museums: Mesa has a diverse listing of top-notch Museums which fill the need of the community in an exceptional manner. Again, there are no specific plans for additional attractions and holdings within this sub-category.

Arts: The Mesa Arts Center is touted as a world-renowned facility and is… Dramatically under-utilized. It does not self-fund (-$5.8M/year) and has no provision to pay back the initial capital investment. It more than serves our City’s appetites for culture.

Parks: There is a proposal for $14,200,000 to re-develop/replace the soccer fields adjacent to the Cubs Training facility due to an unspecified higher and better use for the location. These fields are approximately 5-years old, are still being paid for by existing taxes, and no plans are provided.

Parks: There is a proposal for $25,000,000 towards 9-soccer fields at Red Mountain (in addition to the massive sum requested for the Mesa Plays project, Question 5). Details are pending.

And there is comical irony in asking for money for “Open Space”.

These are projects that should be considered once all the NEEDS of the community have been met. As of 2016 The City had $691,200,000 in unfunded pension promises and $646,000,000 in unfunded retiree healthcare benefits.

This measure is a shameless money grab, void of good plans, prudence, or purpose.

NO on Question 4!

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