No On Question 3

Vote NO on Question 3.

We foresee a budget crunch coming! We encourage the voters of Mesa to VOTE NO on Question 3 and suggest that the equipment identified for replacement in this measure remain on duty for at least an additional year and no more facilities or equipment be funded at this time.

In this general bond request, there are no specified dates shared for the construction of any of the proposed facilities and it is likely that these items will be just as current and on schedule next year when a clearer vision of the budget will be available to the voters to review.

From what is shared within this bond request, the proposed firehouses will not be comprehensively equipped with the required vehicle support. This means additional, incremental bond requests will be issued in subsequent years to fund the function of the firehouses.

The citizens of Mesa deserve a full accounting of the total costs of these projects (and others) up-front, prior to approving funding.

Specifically, Question 3 and Question 4 do not reveal that the city has an additional obligation to build a city center park to meet the conditions of the lease for the Downtown ASU campus (in addition to the $100,000,000 funded). This park increases our costs but does not increase the lease revenue.

If any of these bond requests are approved, it will add to the already high debt level, which eventually must be paid through increases in taxes and utility rates.

Lastly, consider that rising utility rates are a form of taxation and that Mesa water rates are the highest in the Valley and increasing.

Transparency is the best practice for City Government. This measure is not transparent and should be rejected. Unspecified spending and hidden costs must stop.

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