No On Question 2

Vote NO on Question 2, but maybe not for the reason you think.

Public Safety is the #1 priority for the government of a free people and the continual requests for money by our City leaders will never end until Safety is budgeted and financed as the #1 expenditure that the City has.

The only way to correct this mismanagement of YOUR tax dollars is to require our City Council to budget and fund this expenditure correctly: FIRST!

FIRST, not last and not tagging on the sympathy and guilt of the citizens to keep digging for more tax dollars at the risk of not being safe. Put your foot down and say enough is enough and do it right.

Your current City Council has proven that they are not interested in managing your tax dollars in YOUR BEST INTEREST. YOU the PEOPLE must boldly remind the Council of the correct order and role of the budget process. This Public Safety ploy has ridden on your backs, year-after-year, as our city leaders willfully proceed to make you feel guilty about your safety and continue to ask for more of your tax dollars to fund a service that should have been prioritized and budgeted FIRST, before any non-essential spending was considered.

Example 1: The dollars ($120 MILLION +) now going to be spent on the Downtown ASU campus (AGAINST YOUR VOTE in 2016) would go a long way in providing the funds necessary to staff and equip Public Safety departments without another tax increase.

Example 2: Non-essential projects like the Cubs Stadium, Hohokam Park, Mesa Arts Center, and Dobson Ranch golf course (projects promised to be self-sustaining) cost YOU more than $11-MILLION dollars a year.


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