No On Home Rule – Council Ignores your Wishes

n 2016 “Question 1” on your ballot asked if you wanted to increase your sales tax by 23% to pay for an ASU campus to be built in downtown Mesa. Overwhelming you said, “no”. However, this year the City Council decided to use some shady chess play in order to ignore your vote. This political maneuver was pulled off by increasing your water bill rates and taking out debt to finance the $120 million plus, ASU campus. Deceitfully, this form of debt and water rate increases do not require voter approval, and because the Mayor and City Council knew youwould reject the ASU project if itwas on the ballot. Now your utility bills will increase for the next 20 years to pay this debt. Thisis the tax increase you turned down in 2016.
Ironically this year “Question 1”, is “Home Rule”. Now you can show your disdain with your vote being ignored in 2016 and vote NO on this question. This means you get to tell the City Council that they must abide by article IX of Arizona’s Constitution and have a balanced budget. Currently, City Council has decided not to balance the budget in order to fund this new ASU campus. As a result, this deficit spending will deplete the city’s reserve fund. Deficits for the next 5-years alone will add up to more than 60 million dollars. If you were to eliminate the new ASU building downtown not only would it balance the budget, we would have in excess of $40 million to be able to lower water and utility bills.
It’s time to not only vote NO on “Home Rule” but replace the existing City Councilmen who voted against your wishes and elect fiscally responsible leaders now andin 2020.
Verl Farnsworth
(Argument personally funded)

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