Employee Costs

Below you will find the total cost of paying city workers for the fiscal year ending 6-30-17. the city paid its workers last year. I haven’t researched how much of the retirement and health care costs are to catch up on the extensive pension and retirement healthcare benefits which the city allowed to fester, but even the direct pay of $71,762 is higher than most Mesa households make, let alone what individuals earn, which would take that average to $74,632 plus whatever increase they got last year. Mesa’s revenue’s come primarily from sales taxes and utility rates, which fall disproportionately on the poor who may lack the discretionary income that $74k earners have. It’s hard to generalize about 5,000 people, but in any organization, you’re bound to find people who are overpaid or are working hard on non-essential tasks. Trimming 5% of this cost would yield $23 million when the city is trying to extract another $25 million from its citizens on a sales tax.

Total Employee Cost  ( $000,000)                   Per Employee (3907.5 FTE)

Salary/Hourly Compens. $280.4                                        $71,762

Retirement Benefits                70.9                                           18,157

Healthcare Benefits                67.8                                          17,339

Other Benefits                           26.5                                             6,774

Total                                          $445.6                                      $114,032

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