An Overview of City Finances

                Before people give the city additional more money and spending authority, it is important to understand how well they’re managing the money they already have.  You won’t find the answer in the city’s ballot language. Even wading through the hundreds of pages of the city’s budget and financial statements it can be difficult to get the big picture.

Over the last year I worked with Gene Dufoe in researching numerous financial documents and had a series of e-mail discussions with city financial staff, in which all Council members were copied, so none of these issues should be new or surprising to them.

                In addition, our Keeping Mesa Great Team, raised these issues in Council meetings and Town Halls and reached out to meet personally with all Council members with varying degrees of success.  So, as in the e-mails, had they disagreed with our points they had every opportunity to clarify these issues beyond flippant, dismissive sound bites.

We’ve organized these findings as such:


1)      How does the tax and utility burden compare to neighboring cities?

2)      What is the city’s debt and how does it compare to comparable cities?

3)      How does the growing debt impact the growing interest expense?

4)      Why the city’s net worth continues to decline among growing deficits.

5)      Can we find savings in employee costs of $114,032 per person?

6)      What happens if Home Rule doesn’t pass?

If time permits I’ll try to provide more arguments before voters have to decide.  If you have questions or concerns please register and share comments. Keep in mind that the current council has been copied in on most of these issues so if the point is just a repeat of a standard soundbite they will be expected to defend it beyond a few seconds in their script.