Mesa Matters Revamp

Keeping Mesa Great has written six arguments against five of the cities ballot issues. We now have supplemental arguments under the “Ballot Discussions” section.

After the election we will undergo another revamp without a focus on the candidates but on a renewed focus on how the city can address it’s financial issues based on which ballot issues passed or failed and whether we have a Council willing to address them.


One thought on “Mesa Matters Revamp

  1. Hey Steve. Should have told voters CITY GOVERNMENT WILL NOT CONTROL spending. Not if, or how much, Just it WILL NOT. Will increase taxes, user fees, utility charges, and all other taxes. But WILL NOT control spending. That is why voters should VOTE NO on home rule. City government must be forced to follow AZ constitutional spending limits. Your intentions are honorable. But numbers and facts only matter when you are talking about somebody’s wallet! I wish I could have had some input on the VOTE NO on Home Rule response. Never did get contacted in time. Well, I hope taxpayers can follow your logic. Glad you care. Joe Price


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